Gilcrease named president of state level organization

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Dr. Buck Gilcrease, superintendent of Alvin ISD assumed the presidency of the Texas Association of School Administrators as of June 1.

The Texas Association of School Administrators is a statewide organization focused on strengthening the bond between school districts and the communities they are called to serve. The organization is largely focused on improving educational systems and increasing student learning with the broader goal of securing a promising future for each of the 5.3 million students attending public school in the state of Texas.

Dr. Gilcrease has a unique philosophy of education that is expressed in his superintendent’s message to Alvin ISD parents, “When my son Ross, or your son or daughter walk into a classroom in Alvin ISD, I desire for their teacher to build a deep and appropriate relationship with them, as an individual. The insight gained from this relationship, coupled with a profound understanding of the content and standards taught allows teachers to design lessons that help children gain knowledge which either will be applied immediately, or put into long term memory for application down the road.”

“Teachers are, by nature, empathetic, insightful, caring, and when empowered, are exceptionally innovative. In Alvin ISD, it is our responsibility to spend time and resources providing teachers with the support and tools they need to challenge our students with innovative teaching. Our students interact with the world, almost intuitively, in ways that many of us never would have imagined when we first entered a classroom. Our teachers must be empowered, as professionals, to respond to the diverse needs of every child, which will in turn, equip all students with the tools necessary to achieve success throughout their lives.”

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