Bailey Road Expansion Project almost at end

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The Bailey Road Expansion Project has the team currently working on the final list of construction issues with the plan to open all the new lanes to traffic in early July. Many parts of the $32.9 million project are complete.

The project’s aim is to have Bailey Road expanded to a four-lane divided boulevard for 2.76 miles from FM 1128 to Veterans Drive. The Veterans Drive intersection is completed except for the section on the south end where junction boxes for underground drainage are being replaced.

The medians are currently having irrigation installed and the 10 feet of pedestrian path is 80 percent completed with pedestrian facilities also being installed.

According to city officials, a major segment of the City of Pearland’s fiber optic network is being placed now along the corridor.

Installation of traffic signals has been delayed, waiting for the new poles and arms to arrive. The delay is expected to be until September.

The project was selected by the Houston Galveston Area Council to receive 80 percent federal funding with 20 percent local match through the 2013 Transportation Improvement Program.

When finally completed, the Bailey Road Expansion Project will provide a major thoroughfare corridor across the southern area of the City and have important drainage improvements to eliminate the deep roadside ditches.

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