Eight new vehicles complete police program

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Pearland City Council approved funding for eight additional patrol vehicles as part of the Fiscal Year 2017 Mid-Year Amendment and discussed a bid for purchase at their regular Council meeting July 24 held at the Public Safety Building (PSB) due to the construction/remodeling of City Hall.

These additional vehicles will allow for the full implementation of the updated Take-Home Vehicle Program, which ensures that all officers who have completed their probationary period and live within the City of Pearland or ETJ have access to a take-home vehicle.

Council was advised of the many benefits the program provides including increased utilization of patrol staff and department visibility, improved officer response times to high priority calls, incentive to live in the city, and decreased operational costs per mile.

The Police Department confirmed that eight vehicles were required in order to employ the program with the new guidelines after the department ran an extensive study on the topic.

The bid under study provides eight 2017 Police Sport Utility Vehicles and the equipment necessary, less the camera system, radios, and laptops, at $345,536.

Installation of all equipment will be performed and is included with the equipment pricing in the bid.

Estimated delivery is 12-14 weeks from order date.

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