New recycling method coming to Pearland

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The way recycling in Pearland is handled is changing.

Automated Side Load trucks are now a part of Waste Management’s new service for Pearland. Officials there estimate by the end of summer 2017, Pearland residents will see these new ASL trucks in their neighborhoods.

The new trucks feature a specialized articulating grabber arm that can easily grab, lift and dump garbage cans into the truck. The steering wheel is on the right side of the cab so if the driver must get out of the truck for any reason, he is not stepping into traffic.

“There will be no additional charges to the residents. The ASL trucks were a known change in the most recent contract with the City of Pearland and Waste Management,” Keep Pearland Beautiful Executive Director Andrew Miller said. “Residents that reside within the City of Pearland paying their water/sewer bill to the City of Pearland, should already have a 96-gallon recycling cart.”

The new device offers added safety, minimal noise, more efficiency, and a decrease in fuel consumption.

The new automation eliminates manual lifting and exposure to possible hazards such as pathogens in waste or sharp objects. The automated carts are more resistant to tipping by animals than customer owned containers which have a tendency to also have contents affected by wind.

The noise of pick up is reduced since the new trucks can function at idle speeds.

Efficiency is enhanced by the articulating arm lifting approximately 2,000 pounds so residents can place more in their carts.

All changes only affect how recycling will be collected. There is no change for garbage collection.

Residents in Pearland who do not have a recycling container should contact the Utility Department for the City of Pearland at 281-652-1603.

The container will be delivered to their address.

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