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It’s a new day in Manvel, Texas.

Congratulations: Aug. 17 is the first day of school for Alvin ISD. We salute all the administrators, teachers, coaches, students and parents for their dedication to the education of our youth and we look forward to the school year ahead.

Local sports prognosticators offer a preseason prediction that the Manvel High Mavericks will be the number one 5A district champions once again. Since 2011, Coach Kirk Martin has been their experienced leader.

The Shadow Creek Sharks are entering their second year and only one year away from being able to compete as a regular varsity team in the district.

Stephen Collins, sports editor, passed on a comment from coach Brad Butler, “I think you could call us road warriors. We had to be willing to travel to pick up varsity caliber competition.”

What’s going on in Manvel: Manvel Council is making sure that the city has good smart development as our city grows. The Southpoint Crossing Development is heating up and they have announced that there will be a Toyota Dealership as part of their project. They own the land on the east side of 288, opposite Rodeo Palms.

The city is looking to strengthen parking lot light restrictions so that any future retail development will have a minimal impact on existing homeowners. We are also looking at our sign ordinance to see if we need to make changes.

Bluewater Lakes Development is pushing dirt now on Highway 6 behind Manvel Seafood and they expect to have their first lot finished in September. Also emerging from the construction at Bluewater is part of the 12’ wide trails that the city requires with all future Parkways as part of a city-wide trail system.

Manvel has a new business this month; Patricia and Ezequiel Tristan will be serving snow-cones and possibly additional snacks at 5314 Masters Road with building to begin in the near future. We look forward to seeing a Grand Opening!

Council and staff are wrapping up both our first ever Master Water Plan and our first Master Wastewater Plan and will be bringing those to Council for a vote, possibly at the next meeting. The City is moving forward with the Large Avenue sewer line and regional station project and the water treatment plant improvement project.

Manvel is growing at a fast rate as businesses buy land and build. City Council has aggressively been working to keep ahead of these developments. We held four weekly strategy sessions in addition to regular council meetings and plan to continue this as needed in the future.

Councilmember Hudson requested that we discuss the possible expansion of City Hall. These plans have been in the works for quite some time and now the council is looking at the actual figures to move forward without raising the tax rate.

Calling all Volunteers: We are taking applications for two new committees that we are forming that will play an important role in the future of our city. One is a Branding Committee that will be looking to help create a marketing image for our city, and the other is an Events Task Force that will create and manage outdoor events held in Manvel.

Any citizen who is interested in being on either of these committees (or knows someone who would be great for the task) please submit names to our City Secretary, Tammy Bell at [email protected]

On a similar note, I would like to welcome George Griffith to the Planning, Development and Zoning Committee. Griffith is a licensed surveyor and has already made a big difference during the short time he has been on the Board.

Reminder: The day that the city council holds it meetings will be changed from the second and fourth Monday evenings to the first and third Mondays beginning in October. This will allow our councilmembers to attend important meetings in the county and other cities that conflicted with our previous scheduling.

Thank you: Manvel City staff is behind the scenes doing the work that enables Council to consider all decisions. We are fortunate to have this dedicated team taking care of our city on a day to day basis.

Mayor Debra Davison

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