Felicity’s manager, Amy Castro, said Felicity wasn’t available for comment about her role in the upcoming musical, “Annie,” in Friendswood. Castro stated that Felicity was very serious about researching her roles before performing, and she’d therefore turned herself in at Friendswood Animal Control as a stray dog, so she could really project reality as the homeless dog, Sandy, in the musical.

Shelter dog cast in ‘Annie’

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Stars of the stage can be “discovered” at a variety of places. In Friendswood, an up and coming new actress was found at the Friendswood Animal Facility. Her name is Felicity, but for her stage appearance, call her Sandy.

Ironically, this young mixed breed canine orphan will be in a play centered around an orphan. It’s “Annie” and the young dog will be the lead character’s sidekick.

It is a beloved musical about an orphan who goes to live with a millionaire.

The production at Purple Box Theater in Friendswood is Aug. 4-13 as their family summer musical.

Actor and City Councilman Steve Rockey, who has several roles in the production, asked animal advocate/volunteer Amy Castro if there were any shelter animals waiting for adoption who would be suitable for the amiable, fun loving Sandy role.

Castro found two dogs, Felicity and Millie, but that afternoon Millie was adopted. Castro brought Felicity to the theater for a tryout/screen test.

She fit perfectly and with a little outside coaching to come to the new name of Sandy, her new role as actress would work.

“Felicity knew the commands sit and down and was so expressive on stage,” Castro said. “She is so good with kids and when 8 year old Annie hit a high note, the dog’s ears flew up making the young actors in the audience howl with laughter.”

The dog has a dress rehearsal this week and then it is show time.

Because the show runs through Aug. 13, there is a sign at the shelter that lets any family who wants to adopt her know that she has a commitment to the show and, as the saying goes, the show must go on… with her.

Tickets to the show are part of her adoption.

Not only can a family get a new pet, but Castro adds that they could adopt a known area actress at the same time.

Check out tickets for the show at the Purple Box website at www.thepurpleboxtheater.com.

To visit real orphans (including Felicity/Sandy) in Friendswood, go to 3000 W Parkwood Ave.

Purple Box Theater, conservatory for the performing arts and community theater, is located at 1309 W. Parkwood in front of the Police Station and courthouse.

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