Shirley Dill Brothers posing with Bel Sanchez at the groundbreaking for Brothers Elementary.

Alvin ISD to open two new elementary schools

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Shirley Dill Brothers posing with Bel Sanchez at the groundbreaking for Brothers Elementary.

Shirley Dill Brothers posing with Bel Sanchez at the groundbreaking for Brothers Elementary.

Alvin ISD is proud to welcome two new schools into the district for the 2017-2018 school year. Approved by the 2015 bond, Pomona Elementary and Shirley Dill Brothers Elementary are set to open their doors to new students on Aug. 17. Alvin ISD is one of the fastest growing districts in the state of Texas who, in the 2016-2017 school year, added 1,500 students to the district. Elementary schools such as Dr. Red Duke and Laura Ingalls Wilder sat at capacity for their permanent structures in the 2016-2017 school year. With the opening of Pomona and Brothers, Alvin ISD expects to alleviate the schools at capacity to further their student’s success.

Pomona Elementary is eager to welcome their students to a brand new campus. The new campus features a state of the art design with individualized student education and learning in mind. The Pomona team, with the help of parents and students, were able to create a theme that will resonate for years to come. Principal Renae Rives is proud to help build a legacy around Pomona Pirates and knows that her teachers and staff are ready to pull that concept into many other aspects across the campus.

“Being a pirate means instilling core characteristics into these students that they can hold onto for a lifetime,” said Rives. She hopes that having a pirate theme will encourage the kids to have a little fun while on the campus. Principal Rives explained that through education, students will learn to feel that sense of pride as a pirate that will encourage them to go out and conquer the world.

Principal Rives’ goal for every school year is to make sure the students continue to feel loved each and every day. “Children have to know that they’re loved, first and foremost, and then the education will come,” said Rives. “Teachers play an important role in a child’s life, so my hope is for my staff to create lasting relationships with their students.” She went on to talk about how the Pomona Pirates theme will build campus morale and encourage students to be confident in all aspects of life beyond the classroom.

Erin Milton, campus librarian, is part of the new team and hopes the first year at Pomona is full of wonder and creativity for the students. Milton talked about how she is proud to be a Pomona Pirate because of how teachers can use this creative concept to enhance the students learning in the classroom. “Many students have to navigate through uncharted waters so being able to give them a solid foundation from the beginning of their educational path will set them up for their future endeavors,” stated Milton. She went on to talk about how she anticipates that the teachers and staff will be able to help children find their own treasurers as they explore new education at Pomona.

Ginger McFadden, campus art teacher, spoke about future planning for her classroom and the kind of legacy she hopes to create. Her vision is to create a campus wide project to highlight the first class of students at Pomona. Whether it is a community garden or a mural, McFadden hopes to include every student in this inspirational project that the children can look back on for many years to come.

Adeanna Marquez, campus secretary, is proud to be a Pomona Pirate and cannot wait to hear all of the “Arghs,” on the first day of school. Marquez is interested to see how the teachers will incorporate the pirate theme into each of their classrooms, and their daily lectures. The front office is already full of Pirate gear to set the theme off to sail on the first day.

Pomona Elementary is located in the new Pomona development off of 288 on the west side of the school district. A campus dedication will be held on Sept. 21 at 5:30 p.m. followed by a campus open house. Alvin ISD invites you to tour the new campus and give all the Pomona Pirates a big “ARGH” to welcome them to a new school year and a brand new campus.

Shirley Dill Brothers Elementary is also ready to welcome their first class of students at their new campus. Brothers Elementary is off of 288 near Nolan Ryan Junior High in the Shadow Creek Ranch Development. Principal Krystal Hawks is excited for the first day of school at the new campus. She stated, “I am ready for the kids to get into the school and start their educational journey at Brothers Elementary.” Principal Hawks talked about how she cannot wait to see the children’s faces light up as they explore the campus for themselves. She feels that the students are going to be overjoyed when they find out how the teachers of this campus are here to serve and encourage them through their time in elementary school. Her vision for the school year includes taking students to the next level and helping them reach their full potential, which is exactly what she plans to do starting day one at Brothers Elementary.

Ruth Ann Wilkinson, campus secretary, is thrilled that she is able to be a part of the once in a lifetime opportunity of opening a new school. Even though the process has come with some difficulties, she is always up for a challenge and hopes that one day she can help other staff members across the district plan for the opening of additional schools. Wilkinson is excited for the design that is unlike any other elementary within the district. Beyond that, Wilkinson is eager to meet the new families, and the new students who will be a part of the Brothers Elementary family. She states, “It is such a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the first team to welcome this campus into the Alvin ISD family.”
Brothers Elementary is named after the one and only Shirley Dill Brothers who has been involved on all levels of Alvin ISD. From working in the classroom to being the Director of Public Information, Shirley has dedicated over 40 years of her life to Alvin ISD. Hawks is honored to be the Principal since she has known Shirley Brothers as being a staple within the district. “I was here when Shirley was the Director of Public Information for Alvin ISD. She is a true living legend and I am very honored to be Principal of the school that will be named after her,” voiced Hawks. Because of Shirley Brothers’ dedication to the district, Principal Hawks hopes that years from now, the campus will be known for their connection to the surrounding community. She expects Brothers Elementary to leave the same lasting legacy on the students as Shirley has done throughout Alvin ISD.

Alvin ISD is hosting a dedication of Shirley Dill Brothers Elementary on Sept. 7 at 5:00 p.m. followed by a campus open house. Join us as we celebrate the opening of a new campus and honor Shirley Brothers for her many years of service to the Alvin ISD community.

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