Friendswood residents are still in recovery mode after last week's Hurricane Harvey devastated Southeast Texas. All around town, people are having to gut out homes and buildings to remove damage caused by the storm. Pictured are volunteers with the nonprofit Mercury One removing wet sheetrock and insulation from flooded homes in Quaker's Landing. Founded in 2011 by talk show host and entrepreneur Glenn Beck, Mercury One focuses on humanitarian aid and education.

Friendswood works with residents during recovery

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Communication from the City of Friendswood to its residents and businesses during the hurricane and in recovery has been steady and informative.

The City put together a Recovery Guide online and sent the link to its residents.

The comprehensive two-page document was put together with needed information for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. It contains current information on how to give and receive donations and how to speed up the recovery process.

To get the guide, go to

Emails from the City continue also.

One concern the city has is mobility. Mobility through the neighborhoods that were damaged during Hurricane Harvey is problematic for emergency vehicles and contractor equipment.

To help, the city is asking its residents to limit parking to one side only of the street.

Officials are concerned that emergency response may be hindered. Parking also becomes an issue when trash and debris removal trucks are in the area.

The Friendswood Police Department will continue to tow vehicles that block roadways and driveways.

Friendswood Fire Department asks residents to turn off their gas at the meter and at the breaker box for homes that are undergoing remediation and not having the homeowners currently living there.

Officials feel this will prevent any issues with leaks and gas odor.

To get information about giving or receiving help, the Friendswood Call Center was created and is now open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The number is 281-888-0131.

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