PISD board discusses Superintendent duties, ability to perform

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Pearland ISD School Board members are supporting Superintendent John Kelly after views presented by his eldest son on social media were viewed as bigoted and racist.

The Board met in closed session to discuss the Superintendent’s duties at a Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees on Nov. 17, at 1928 North Main in Pearland.

With a vote of 7-0 the board concluded that they would continue to support Kelly and his ability to continue to fulfill the duties of his job as superintendent.

Pearland ISD is a diverse district of 21,630 students. In ethnic breakdown from their September 2017 snapshot, it has Pearland with 36.6 percent White, 33.6 percent Hispanic, 14.9 percent Black, 11.1 percent Asian and 3.8 percent of Multi-racial, American Indian and Native Hawaiian.

The School Board member in a resolution posted, “Our diversity is our strength, and we look forward to continuing to offer world-class education that develops every child’s unique gifts and talents.”

Kelly addressed the issue with his faculty and on behalf of his family, apologized for his son’s words. He disavowed his 28 year old son’s words and wrote that the son’s posting was devastating to his family. He told staff he wanted “to express my continued respect and care for every person working and learning here in Pearland ISD.”

Kelly and his wife have seven children. He is serving his seventh year in Pearland as Superintendent.

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