City cuts annexation plan to two areas

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Manvel City Council listened to residents who oppose annexation of their homes and as a result of what they said to city officials, annexation plans changed for the city.

Eight parcels of land were targeted in September to annex into the city’s jurisdiction. Six of the areas were inhabited and those residents approached City Council at the recent Nov. 20 meeting to tell their opposition stories.

Mayor Debra Davison and her Council members listened. Davison had previously attended a community meeting in a resident’s garage on Nov. 9. At that meeting, Michelle Prescott, Manvel resident, told the mayor that she had had much damage to her home from the recent hurricane and the annexation would add to the stress she and her family were having during reconstruction.

Others opposing the annexation accused the city of having a land grab election before the new Senate Bill 6 goes into effect on Dec. 1. The new law signed by Governor Greg Abbott will require that municipal annexations be approved by residents in a targeted area by a vote.

Davison told residents that the new law was part of the reason the Council decided to pursue annexation before Dec. 1. She said their concern was for the future development of the city.

After residents spoke at the Nov. 20 meeting, Council cut six of the eight parcels in the annexation plans. Out of the original 1,100 acres in the initial proposal, now the Council is working to annex 400 acres. The two tracts left in the plan have no inhabitants on them.

One tract, Area 18, is at Manvel’s northern edge between Texas 288 and Chocolate Bayou Road. It covers approximately 100 acres and only contains a city-owned sand pit, according to City Manager Kyle Jung.

The other tract, Area 23, includes approximately 350 acres on Manvel’s southeastern border, south of Texas 6.

The first reading of the ordinance to adopt the revised plan with two tracts was scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 27, and the second reading will be at 6 p.m. on Nov. 30.

The Nov. 30 meeting will be at Manvel City Hall, 20025 Texas 6.

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