Curfew in Friendswood to continue for minors under 17

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By Karolyn Gephart

The Juvenile Curfew Ordinance will continue to be part of the City of Friendswood after the ordinance was passed by City Council at their regular meeting on December 4.

The idea behind having a curfew is to deter criminal conduct involving juveniles (or minors under 17 years of age). The ordinance is also put in place to reduce the number of juvenile crime victims and for the protection of the general public.

The Friendswood Police Department wants to continue the juvenile curfew and the Council as well. According to Police Chief Robert Weiners, the curfew provides for the protection of minors from each other and from other persons, promotes parental control over and responsibility for children in order to protect the general public and reduces the incidence of juvenile criminal activities in Friendswood.

Over 15 years ago, the City Council adopted a Curfew Ordinance for minors who are under 17 years of age, prohibiting minors in public places from 12:01 am. until 5 am on any day of the week and 9 am until 2:30 pm on weekdays, for school aged children when school is in session.

The ordinance that passed at the recent meeting has kept those provisions in place with no changes.

The curfew ordinance is in effect for minors as well as parents and business owners who have responsibilities to uphold the curfew and not knowingly allow minors to remain on public premises during curfew hours.

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