Chamber asking members to vote online for new Board

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It is time to vote for the 2018 Alvin Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Voting is accomplished online at [email protected]

Voters will select five from eight candidates, voting only one time per chamber member.

Candidates include Eddie Carter of INEOS, Lynn Crear of Ascend Performance Materials, Keith Kingham of the Alvin Police Department, Kam Marvel of Communities in Schools, Ashlea Quinonez of Memorial Hermann Health System, Patrick Snider of Snider Transmission, Robina Spruill of Manvel Economic Development Corporation, and John Wennerstrom of Victorian Finance.

The nominating committee for this year included Chair-Elect, Brendon Boyd of Nationwide Insurance and members Claron Salter-Clark from State Farm Insurance, Chad Dudley of HomeTown Bank of Alvin, Joe Saladino Jr. of Joe’s BBQ Company, Sheila Olson of Alvin ISD Education Foundation, and Eric Kinnear of Big Kountry Shooting Range.

President and CEO Johanna McWilliams wants all voters to consider the description of duties for the elected men and women in order to assist with voting.

The Board is comprised of 15 elected members, one-third of whom is elected annually to serve for three years, or until their successors are elected and seated. A Board member that is elected Chairman or Chairman-elect during his/her second or third year on the Board may continue to serve as an active member of the Board of his/her term of Chairman and Past-Chairman.

A director is not eligible for re-election until one year has elapsed following the end of his/her term of office provided the expiring term has been a three-year term.

The Chairman of the Board may, at his/her discretion, appoint up to three members of the Chamber to serve as active and voting members of the Board during the tenure of such Chairman, subject to approval of the Board. No person can be elected or appointed to a voting position on the Board who is not a voting member in good standing by the Chamber.

The Chairman, with the advice and consent of the Board, may also appoint a maximum of seven persons to serve in an ex-officio capacity on the Board. These advisors are nonvoting members of the Board and will serve one year terms, or until their successors are elected and seated.

The Board always contains at least two (2) Governmental, one (1) Individual, two (2) from Alvin and two (2) directors from Manvel. If a director is not elected from either Alvin of Manvel through the regular election process, the Board appoints an additional Board member(s) for a one-year term to cover said representation. These appointed Board members have full voting rights.

Alvin-Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce is located at 105 W. Willis in Alvin.

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