Astros President Reid Ryan and his mother, Ruth, stand by the Commissioners Trophy won by the Astros at the World Series. The trophy was on tour in Round Rock. Later that day it arrived in Alvin.

Astros trophy arrives in Alvin for photo ops

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Works of art often travel to allow audiences a chance to take in the beauty of the work. For Astros fans in Alvin and throughout Texas, art is the Commissioners Trophy won by the Astros in their first World Series championship beating the Dodgers.

Son of Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, Reid Ryan brought the trophy to his childhood home, Alvin recently. He and his siblings grew up in Alvin and they as well as his parents are all Alvin High School graduates.

He was speaking at a combined meeting of Alvin Lions Club and Rotary Club. The meeting had to be moved from its usual location, Joe’s Barbecue to the Knights of Columbus Hall due to the over 400 who attended.

“It was great to be in Alvin and see the pride that long time Astros fans have for our club. Taking a photo with the Commissioners Trophy is something many thought they would never have an opportunity to do,” Ryan said. “Alvin has always supported the Astros and the Ryan family. I was overcome with pride and joy being with so many friends. These are people that knew me as a kid, like coaches and teachers. It was a wonderful day.”

That morning, Ryan and his mom, Ruth, were sharing the trophy with Astros fans in Round Rock.

“I’m not traveling on the entire trophy tour. The trophy is making over 100 stops from now to September,” Ryan said. “Mattress Firm is the presenting sponsor and many of the public stops will be at Texas Mattress Firms. Besides the public appearances, there will be many Astros and private appearances as well.”

Ryan is a former Astros batboy. Today Ryan, 46, is the Astros’ President of Business Operations but most of all one of their biggest fans.

He found he was not alone in that sentiment in Alvin. Astros Broadcaster Todd Kalas accompanied Ryan to the gathering and spoke to the two clubs’ members as well.

Then the two men listened to the crowd.

Ryan and Kalas heard tales of remembering the Colt 45s, the building of the Astrodome, Ryan’s Little League team, his parents as Alvin residents and before that as students, and the parade the town gave his dad many years ago.

“I kind of teared up a little bit because these people have supported my family, my dad’s career, my career, the Astros, and so being here and seeing teammates of mine, teachers of mine, teammates of my mom and dad, longtime civic leaders – they were all here an hour before I got here, ready to go – to see this and hear me and hear Todd Kalas. A lot of people never thought the Astros would win this in their lifetime,” Ryan said.

Photo ops were a memorable part of the meeting. People got a chance to have photos taken with the trophy. Many were high school friends of Ryan and all shared the same thing

– a smile of pride for the Astros and a glimmer of hope to see another win coming their way.

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