City to draft repeal on annexation

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An ordinance is planned to be drafted to repeal two areas of annexations that had been approved before Dec. 1, 2017 by the Pearland City Council. The need to approve in late November was due to Texas law changing at the December date to make annexations possible only through voting for residential consent.

The 1900 acres that are involved in the land that will be part of the ordinance has drawn continuous attention from residents there who continued to address Council on their discontent at the annexation and the way it was handled.

A lawsuit had been filed with the Brazoria County District Attorney Jeri Yenne and Yenne had also issued a warning in a letter sent to all Council, the Mayor and the City Attorney regarding the way they had handled an official annexation document that had been approved by Council vote.

Yenne said the city staff had mishandled the government document related to Area A by changing the number of acres from 885 to 895 after Mayor Tom Reid signed the ordinance. To avoid litigation, Yenne told the city to determine how they were going to fix this problem and to find solutions so this would not happen again.

Residents in the annexed areas also claimed the city did not follow proper procedures for notification of residents and school districts in the surrounding areas.

At the March 5 meeting of Council, Councilman Tony Carbone delivered a motion to prepare a draft ordinance to repeal the annexation ordinance of areas A and L and to also develop a transition plan ending the city’s emergency services in those areas. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Caye Hauser and her husband own a home in Area A in a residential area south of Shadow Creek Ranch between CR 564 and 48. The two have joined many others who have continued to attend Council meetings and voice their concerns. The two along, with the others, are now waiting to see what happens next.

“We’re just a little hesitant till it’s a done deal,” Hauser said. “My husband said it best. The possibility of losing emergency services was not a huge concern, but he said he would have to see exactly what the city spells out in its ordinance.”

The repeal will be discussed at the March 26 meeting of Council where a first reading of the ordinance will be read, according to city officials.

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