Tip on FISD alert system ends in arrest

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The FISD program, “See Something, Say Something” is not only being used, it helped solve a serious situation that landed in an immediate arrest recently.

“See Something, Say Something” is the new FISD alert system for anonymous reporting that was put into use this new year.

On the evening of April 5, the system was used online to report to FISD and Friendswood Police of a threat to Friendswood circulating on social media. Both entities worked through the night to identify who was responsible for the threat.

Police posted the following that evening: Late this evening Friendswood Police were made aware of a disturbing social media post threatening our school district. We immediately began an investigation and can now report that the person responsible for this post is in police custody.

A 16 year old was charged with Terroristic Threats, a third degree felony.

“FISD would like to applaud the quick actions of our students, parents and the Friendswood Police Department in response to the threat seen on social media. Those who came forward with information that allowed the situation to be addressed so quickly are examples of the power of a community that works together. Let’s continue to ‘See Something and Say Something,’” Superintendent Thad Roher said.

Quick action speaks to the community, according to Roher.

“The quick resolution of this latest incident shows once again that our community and FISD will not tolerate any threatening behavior against our schools. If you choose to participate in such behavior, you will be reported and there will be consequences,” Roher said.

The program, “See Something, Say Something” is available on the front page of the FISD website. FISD believes students and parents are their first line of defense for reporting unusual activity or safety concerns. This anonymous reporting system immediately alerts administration when sent.

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