City considering traffic study

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A traffic study is being considered by Friendswood City Council. City mobility problems have been discussed frequently so Council approved looking into the possibilities of the study.

While farm-to-market corridors have been studied by Texas Department of Transportation and minor traffic analyses have been conducted on a localized scale, no comprehensive study has been taken for the city.

Council was given ten potential components to consider having in a comprehensive study. These included data collection, determination of traffic conditions on the existing thoroughfare system, determination of projected growth, evaluation of existing local and thoroughfare in major flooding, development of a traffic model now and at future targeted years, and calibration of the traffic model using data.

Other categories possible for the study include simulations using improvements, upgrade requirements for evacuation routes, ranking of improvements, and determination of improvement costs.

The study could be useful for Council, staff and future bond committees. Cost for this type of study varies from $100,0000 to $375,000, according to information given Council on the topic at the recent Council meeting.

A follow up agenda item will be presented to City Council at a later date regarding the specific firm and specific scope for a traffic study. Staff anticipates bringing an item before City Council at the August meeting.

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