City releases environmental report to ease concerns

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The City of Friendswood has released the Phase II Environmental Report in response to comments and concerns citizens have made regarding construction on Dixie Farm Road on three acres of land in Harris County.

Citizens expressed concerns about flooding and also asked questions about the 150,000 cubic yards of dirt that was placed there. Some wondered if the dirt had come from the former Brio Superfund site which is nearby.

City officials reported that the environmental report was commissioned by the Harris County Flood Control District. The study was funded by the District in preparation for the Mud Gully/South Belt Detention Pond Project. Excavation of this project provided fill dirt for the current project.

Based on the study, Friendswood officials report that no further testing or action is needed.

They also reported the subject site is not part of the former Brio Superfund site according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

According to city officials, all laws, rules, policies and procedures have been followed by the City of Friendswood.

The environmental report was completed Feb. 12, 2010 regarding the 140 acre vacant tract of land at Beamer Road. This report is available on the city website at

Any questions about the report should be directed to the Harris County Flood Control District at

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