Perez named Mayor Pro-Tem

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Council member Trent Perez was named Mayor Pro-Tem at the July 9 meeting of the city council.

Although the Pearland Charter Section 3.05 Mayor Pro-Tem states the city council at its first meeting after election of councilmembers shall elect one (1) of its members Mayor Pro-Tem, Pearland Council waited until the second meeting after the election so that council member Perez could be at that meeting. He had an excused absence during the first meeting.

In his new position, Perez will perform all the duties of the mayor in the absence or disability of the mayor.

Perez is in Position 6 on council.

In other council news, a first reading was given to an ordinance to rename portions of County Road 59, South Fork Drive, Magnolia Road and John Lizer Road to Magnolia Parkway between County Road 564 and Pearland Parkway.

A resolution was discussed to authorize the city manager or his designee to participate in an interlocal cooperative pricing arrangement with the General Services Administration (GSA) for the purchase of equipment for the Advanced Meter Infrastructure Project, from Sequel Data Systems Incorporated, in the amount of $348,102.10.

Starting in August 2018, the City of Pearland will begin upgrading existing analog water meters to state-of-the-art digital meters, according to city officials.

The city is upgrading to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system because it will improve water service over current drive-by automated meter reading (AMR) system, which is reaching the end of its service life.

Once completed, water customers in Pearland will be receiving more accurate and comprehensive information about usage for budgeting and understanding utility bills.

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