Rosalea Nalls with the man that started all the change for the better, Jon Riveira.

Work continues on Sleepy Hollow home

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Work and assistance have been nonstop at the home of a widow who was living without plumbing and electricity from Hurricane Harvey damage in the Pearland subdivision Sleepy Hollow.

Rosalea Nall, 83, has been receiving assistance from the community after ATT serviceman Jon Riveira met her and saw the situation. He and his wife started a chain reaction of giving and helping.

The latest update for Nall’s home is that sheetrock is currently being taped, floated and textured. An AC compressor and other items were replaced last weekend thanks to Abel AC and Heat and Aircon.

An electrical problem is being studied and fixed.

Nall and her pet cat are being cared for in the home of a member of the Pearland Professional Firefighters Association while the work continues on her Sleepy Hollow address.

Cabinetry is still needed as well as some appliances.

Flooring is ready to be installed as soon as cabinets are placed.

To see what is happening in updated information and photos, go to Rosaleas Sleepy Hollow on Facebook. There is also a GoFundMe page set up for this, All funds collected go directly to the repair and needs of Nall.

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