Headlines met hemlines at Manvel High School

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On Oct. 22 at Manvel High School, headlines met hemlines.

Manvel High School’s Fashion Design Class staged the school’s annual Paper Dress Designs Fashion Show. A student from each group modeled a dress made entirely out of newspaper.

The students started by sketching some designs and then did fabric draping. They then had to transfer that design by making an actual dress to wear in the fashion show.

“When I told them they were going to make a dress just out of newspaper, they were excited and a bit curious,” Deborah Grigg, Manvel High School Fashion Design teacher said. “But when I told them they were going to have to wear their dress in a fashion show in front of people, they were nervous, but very willing.”

Seniors Tyonia Baker and Mackenzie McCray were two of the students involved in the show.

“It was a lot of hard work,” Baker said. “There was a lot of trial and error, but we are very pleased with our final product.”

“Our dress is very western inspired,” McCray added. “Making it out of newspapers was challenging and forced us to think outside the box.”

The students stood in front of a panel of judges before walking down the hallways lined with students. They then walked down to the front office to show off their designs.

“I am so proud of them. This is a great team building and time management project. They must problem solve and think outside the box. This is always a fun day,” Grigg said.

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