Bluebirds are in the Pearland / Friendswood area scouting for nesting sites

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By JEFF GLATTLY, owner of Wildbirds Unlimited Pearland

Now is the perfect time to attract Eastern Bluebirds to your yard. Eastern Bluebirds are returning to the area scouting for suitable nesting spots. Wild Birds Unlimited can help you attract these beautiful, vibrant birds to your yard.
“We are all enamored by their beauty and the pleasure of having them in our own backyard brings a sense of giving Mother Nature a helping hand,” noted Jane Adams, sales associate at Wild Birds Unlimited, located in Pearland on East Broadway in the Conn’s Shopping Center.
Bluebirds prefer to nest in natural cavities (or holes) found in trees. Because bluebirds lack a strong bill to excavate a cavity for nesting, they depend on finding natural cavities, the used cavities of other birds or manmade houses. Bluebird populations had declined steadily over the years due to development which destroyed much of their natural nesting habitat; but man-made nesting boxes have helped them make a significant come back. By placing a bluebird nesting box in your yard, you can take an important step toward helping this species. Bluebirds prefer open spaces with few trees, such as suburban lawns, pastures, golf courses and parks.
To entice bluebirds to nest in your yard, we recommend using the Wild Birds Unlimited Bluebird House.
Officially approved by the North American Bluebird Society, this house provides protection from weather and extreme temperatures and features the proper dimensions and other amenities bluebirds’ desire.
In addition, the roof opens for viewing eggs and babies and, and the side opens for easy cleaning.
Water and Food
To attract the most bluebirds to your yard we recommend offering water, mealworms and Bark Butter. Water allows bluebirds to drink and bathe. Mealworms are ideal for providing the necessary protein and nutrients to adult bluebirds and their babies. We also recommend Jim’s Birdacious Bark Butter. Bark Butter is a spreadable suet that can be easily smeared on tree bark or served on a feeder.
Wild Birds Unlimited, located in Pearland, is part of the original and largest franchise system of backyard bird feeding and nature specialty stores with more than 325 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in bringing people and nature together with bird feeding and nature products, expert advice and educational events.
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