State of the City gets record crowd at luncheon

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By Karolyn Gephart
Mayor Debra Davison and City Manager Kyle Jung presented the 2018 State of the City Address recently to a record-breaking 175 business and community leaders recently at a luncheon hosted by the Alvin-Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce.
Using the theme of Manvel: Imagine the Possibilities, the two city officials provided the crowd with information about their city on the rise.
“This year we are creating community and imagining the possibilities in Manvel. The future is till the future but we are building it now,” Mayor Davison said.
The mayor and Council have been listening to their residents and what they want to see occur.
“An overwhelming majority of our residents have made it clear that they see a modern city on the horizon and I am so glad they have entrusted us with their vision.I’m so lucky the residents have let me apart of what they are doing. We really enjoy each other and working together to make Manvel a 21st City.”
In 2015 things in Manvel began to change.
“Manvel had been a relatively stable community for the past decades,” Jung said. “Then in 2015 it began seeing a housing boom. So while the tax rates were being lowered, the assessed values were increasing. At first this meant the city had increased revenues that didn’t rely on tax increases because the assessed values were offsetting it.”
But the housing boom continued and this meant increased use of city services and needs.
The new residents were vocal and told city officials they wanted to see the city start building the modern, progressive and vibrant city they envisioned when they moved to Manvel.
Jung reported to the audience that the new city budget allows them to ad a new police captain and two new police officers. The PD Chief has begun a popular outreach program which includes Coffee with Cops as well as continuing with the Citizens Police Academy.
The city is also updating Croix Park and working to provide commercial business opportunities to provide residents with commercial services.
Both Jung and Davison shared the information about the city purchasing 150 acres in the center of the city, off Hwy 288. This property gives the city an opportunity to develop, design and produce a new, modern downtown with a municipal complex.
City officials and department heads were introduced at the luncheon and thanked for all they do for the city.

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