Froberg’s Farm offers perfect holiday gifts

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By Karolyn Gephart

The perfect gifts for Christmas can be found as close as Frobergs Farm on Highway 6.
The gifts are handmade products made by licensed Esthetician Ashley Froberg.
Froberg creates a line of products that are made cruelty free and provides a way to relax and enjoy. She has fragrant and creative bar soap, lip butters, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and bath melts.
Her soaps are popular items at the family business location. She has both feminine and masculine scents and has soaps with fragrance oils and essential oils.
Froberg reports that the most popular fragrance oils scents are Satsuma, Oatmeal Milk, Honey and Rose, and Rose Quartz, a rose with some citrus notes.
The popular essential oil scents are Peppermint, Cranberry, and Pumpkin Spice..
Soaps also come in unscented and uncolored.
The way all the soaps are made make them special.
“My soaps are all made in small batches and made by hand. I control all of the ingredients so this allows me to omit things like synthetic bubbling agents and use oils that are natural bubbling agents in my soaps instead,” Froberg said. “All but two of my products are also vegan; two soaps have local honey in them so they are not.”
Her main line has synthetic colors and fragrances but she has a line that has nothing but essential oils, natural colorants and no palm oil.
“I also only use biodegradable glitter when it is used so nothing will pollute the oceans,” she said.
Prices run from $2.50 for lip butters and from $6 to $10 for soaps and bath bombs and melts.
“Ethereal Aesthetics may be hard to pronounce for some but it does really describe my brand. Ethereal being light and delicate and perfect just like I want my products to be,” Froberg said..
Frobergs Farm is open seven days a week excluding major holidays. Not only does it have the handmade soap items, it also offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, a bakery, a snack bar and a variety of Christmas activities for families, including lighted night hayrides, Berry Funland, cookie decorating, fire pits, ornament decorating and a corn cannon to name a few.
Frobergs Farm is located at 3601 W. Highway 6 in Alvin. For more information go to

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