Todd Douglas Anslow

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Dec. 18, 1985 – Nov. 5, 2018
Todd Douglas Anslow, 32, of Friendswood, Texas, entered his Eternal Home with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on Nov. 5, 2018. Todd was involved in a fatal car accident while traveling to work in the early morning hours. He was fiercely loved and his presence was palpable. His absence leaves a void that cannot be filled, but thankfully, he left us memories we can keep forever.
Todd was a graduate of the University of Houston-Clear Lake. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminology. At the time of his death, Todd was in management at NTB and was set to receive his own store in early 2019. He had also recently enrolled in a graduate program in order to earn a Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Anal-ysis. As Todd fell in love with his autistic stepson over this past year, he decided that he wanted to enter the field of Applied Behavior Analysis so that he could work with autistic children and their families.
Todd was an incredibly talented musician from an early age. He fell in love with music as a child and that love spanned his lifetime. He learned to play guitar, bass, and piano and he had an incredible singing voice. He could easily spend ten-hour days recording his own compositions, which included him playing all of the instruments and singing as well. He loved karaoke and was a favorite all over South Houston. Todd also loved to draw and those that spent any time with him would always find his drawings on any piece of scratch paper he could find. Even his doodles could cause one to stare for a while. Still, with all of his talents and hobbies, Todd’s favorite way to pass time was playing poker with his friends and family. Todd loved cards as much or more than his parents and grandparents and could sit for hours winning or losing and have the time of his life, though he did prefer winning. He was at home with a chip and a chair.
To say that Todd was simply a unique young man would be an understatement and it would miss the whole of who he was. The things that made Todd ‘Todd’ were his quirks, his hiccups, and his lovingly pleasant oddities. Todd was a man that would have gladly given the heart from his chest to save someone he loved, yet he was also a man that feared every new pimple presented a new form of Ebola. That was Todd, his heart was bigger than he was and he had an unrivaled compassion for those that suffered. He was always friendly and treated strang-ers as if he had known them for years. Nobody escaped his kindness and no right-minded person wanted to. Those that loved him for who he was and enjoyed all he offered will be forever grateful for the light he gave and the love he shared.
Todd was preceded in death by his sister Charity J. Anslow, his maternal grandparents, H.P. Douglas and Anne C. Douglas, and his paternal grandparents, James R. Anslow and Doris O. Anslow.
Todd is survived by his wife Eleanor Anslow, his stepson Coltrane, his parents, James D. Anslow and Janet D. Anslow, his brothers, Brandon K. Anslow, Stefan C. Anslow, his ne-phew, Caleb L. Anslow, his niece, Hailey R. Anslow, his “adopted” brothers Thomas J. Bradshaw, John Roten, and many aunts, uncles and cousins.
Todd laughed hard and Todd cried hard. He was humanity. He was one of the most beautiful pieces of creation, a kind that makes us love life while allowing us to question it.
A Facebook page has been created to share photos and memories of Todd. We hope that the people who knew him can visit from time to time and remember him for who he was. The page is labeled Todd Douglas Anslow-Memorial.

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