Food truck ordinance to be on council agenda

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The second and final reading of the food truck ordinance for Manvel will take place at the next city council meeting Jan. 22.

City council approved the first reading at the last council meeting.

Work on the food truck ordinance began last year. Many hours were put into creating the ordinance that would allow food trucks at city-sponsored and private events.

Once approved, the city will post the ordinance on the city website for quick review and downloading.

The city reports that staff has begun training so the trucks can be inspected properly.

With the advent of a food truck ordinance and the impending opening of Big Horn restaurant, the city will soon begin its own health inspections, according to city officials.

Currently, Brazoria County provides needed health inspections.

City council is currently working with staff to develop health codes and other policies to begin doing its own inspections in 2019.

Cities begin handling their own health inspections once commercial and business growth becomes large enough to warrant municipal oversight. According to city officials, Manvel has reached that point.

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