Council approves three design contracts

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Three design contracts were presented and approved at the recent Pearland City Council meeting March 4.

The John Hargrove Environmental Complex Water Reclamation Facility Expansion contract was approved. The facility recently reached 75 percent of its capacity and this triggered the start of the  project planning for an expansion. When it reaches the 90 percent capacity, it will trigger the starting of the expansion construction which is thought to be in 2021.

The city needs to plan now. The facility serves the southern central wastewater basin within Pearland and receives smaller flows from the Longwood and Southdown basins. It was constructed in 1998.

The second design contract concerns the Surface Water Treatment Plant. The plant goal is to flow water out by 2023.

The third contract is Phase II of the Sports Complex at Shadow Creek Ranch Expansion. The expansion involves a 13 acre area designed to have two synthetic turf multipurpose fields to support soccer, rugby and cricket and to support tournaments and things outside the area.

It will also have in the area one miracle field diamond with a playground surface. It’s a baseball diamond that could support adaptive sports or for people with disabilities. It will be the only one of its kind in the area. The closest one right now is in Cypress.

The plan also has lighting, parking and other buildings such as restrooms and concessions.

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