Manvel Council holds five public hearings at April meeting

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Manvel City Council met April 1 for its regularly scheduled meeting.

Mayor Debra Davison presented a proclamation proclaiming April as National Safe Digging Month.

Five public hearings were held that night.

A public hearing was held to gather community input on amending the zoning classification of approximately 5.024 acres located at 18218 Morris Avenue in Manvel.

A public hearing was also held concerning the amending of the zoning ordinance of approximately 7.02 acres located at 21620 State Highway 6.

A third public hearing was held regarding the amending the zoning ordinance of approximately 0.843 acres located at 22217 State Highway 6 in the city.

Both ordinances concerning property on State Highway 6 had their first of two readings during the meeting that followed.

A public hearing regarding a replat of Meridiana Parkway Phase 7 being a subdivision of 15.76 acres was held for community input.

The final public hearing for public input involved an ordinance for the abandonment, vacation, closing and relocation of streets, alleys, rights of way and easements being a portion of Iowa Lane within the boundary of the Del Bello Lakes Development.

At the meeting council considered the second and final reading of Ordinance 2019-O-10 amending Chapter 17, building and building regulations by adopting the 2015 International Fire Code, amending the local amendments to the City’s International Fire Code providing that fees associated with the fire code be the fees stated in the most current fee schedule resolution adopted by city council, providing a penalty of an amount not to exceed $2,000 for each violation of any provision, with each day of violation constituting a separate offense, repealing all ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent or in conflict and providing for severability.

Council also considered to approve the first of two readings of an ordinance amending the code of ordinance of the city by amending Chapter 71 Utilities to add new provisions pertaining to hardships for water bill payments relating to local, state or national emergencies.

Council also considered a resolution consenting to the addition of land into Brazoria County Municipal Utility District No. 42.

Council held a workshop March 27 at City Hall and discussed current and future facilities, current and anticipated developments and development regulations, and city ordinances such as zoning, subdivision and animal.

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