New GIS update benefits residents with information

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By Karolyn Gephart

Pearland has an active Geographic Information Systems (GIS) website that offers maps and geo-specific information used daily by City of Pearland officials as well as local builders in the community for public information on infrastructure and utilities.

The City set a goal to upgrade the GIS website with better technology for flexibility, easy to use design and appeal and the ability i to use it anywhere.

The new design now offers the community interactive mapping and a database system for public information now for any address within the city. Businesses, builders, city officials and now residents can use it as a hub for important information.

This latest version of the site includes a search bar where residents can type in their address. The site will offer local information that is customized for that resident’s address. “Near Me” information will automatically be compiled and offered. This would include restaurants, sales, parks, facilities and construction permits as examples.

Residents are able to find information on trash, recycling and Green Day; city limit information; appraisal information; subdivision and Home Owners Association (HOA) information; City news, boundary are information and land use and voting information.

The City of Pearland reports that the website had approximately 456,048 visitors in the last 12 months. The GIS portal had 19,382 which is expected to grow with the enhancement. 

The City of Pearland IT Department is responsible for keeping the City secure and connected through the use of technology. Geographic Information Systems is a division within the IT Department which is responsible for maintaining geo-based information and supporting all departments that use map information to continually improve Pearland.

To go to the site, go to the City website at

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