City seeking collaboration on drainage

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Manvel city officials said they look forward to working with other entities to tackle current issues and plan for the future.

Stormwater management has remained a priority of many communities after Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast in August 2017.

“We’re building a city, and (drainage) is one of our biggest problems,” Mayor Debra Davison told the council in a July 29 discussion.

During that meeting, council learned an upcoming meeting with drainage districts would focus on maintenance of drainage channels and possible capital projects that will affect not just the city but those downstream.

The city, too, has authority and responsibility over some drainage issues, City Manager Kyle Jung told the council, such as subdivision regulations and a master drainage plan.

But there are some drainage issues that the city can’t solve — areas that were developed without going through the subdivision regulations that require drainage plans

“They were developed sort of in a bowl,” Davison said.

In such areas, homes are built on private property with no easements or means to create proper drainage into creeks.

“There’s no way for the city to solve that problem,” Jung said. “There’s no way I can dig a ditch across someone’s private property if they don’t want you to.”

Looking forward, the city has rules in place for future developments, he said.

“The issue that we have — the help we need from the county and the drainage districts — is to deal with the issue of areas that have already been subdivided but don’t have their own drainage system. Another thing is ensuring a developer complies with city drainage requirements. We don’t want somebody to come in and develop a piece of property that negatively impacts somebody downstream from them. That’s what the city is here to prevent.”

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