Council members: Show up if you want contracts

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A word to the wise for those doing business with the City Pearland: Show up on decision day.

The City Council somewhat reluctantly awarded an $850,000 contract  on Aug. 12 for manhole rehabilitation services. Part of the hold up was that no representative of the company appeared at the meeting by the time the council go to that item.

Members of the council in the past have frowned on awarding contracts to companies that don’t show up during the decision process, and votes have been cast against contracts for that sole reason.

“Frankly, it’s just rude,” Councilman Gary Moore commented.

Council tabled the Aug. 12 item until the end of the meeting to give company representatives time to appear. City staff mentioned they planned to attend, but may have been stuck in traffic. 

“It’s our taxpayers’ money going out the door,” Councilman Woody Owens said. “That being the case, we’d like to see the individual getting the contract to be here. If you’re getting a million dollar contract, be here for the meeting.”

“I know at other times, our staff says, ‘We can answer those questions,'” Owens said. “I’m sure you can answer those questions, but the contract is not with our staff —  it’s the individual.”

After taking the item off the table at the end of the meeting and noting that a representative had not appeared, the council voted 3-2 to award the contract to National Works, Inc. According to staff, the company has done satisfactory work for the city in the past. 

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