Mayor to drainage districts: ‘We need your help’

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Mayor Debra Davison and City Manager Kyle Jung discuss city drainage issues with a CNR3 representative at the .Flooding and Drainage forum at Church of the Harvest August 15. Officials from Drainage Districts, City of Manvel, AISD, TX DOT, GCWA, and Manvel citizens made up the attendees.


On the edge of what promises to be enormous growth, the City of Manvel faces enormous challenges when it comes to drainage, the city’s mayor told an assemble of drainage district representatives Aug. 15.

At a specially called “drainage forum,” Manvel Mayor Debra Davison  asked representatives of the three drainage districts that cover the Manvel area to review the city’s master drainage plan with a critical eye.

“Let us know what areas you disagree with, and help us develop better methods,” she said. “We view this plan as a living, working document. We are willing to offer city support, partnerships, interlocal agreements,  and we need to know what you think are the requirements and feasibility for common sense standards for our developers.” 

Unlike many areas, those developments that met current drainage criteria did well during the deluge that came with Hurricane Harvey, thus it is vital that all future developments follow that criteria, says John Genaro of Brazoria County Drainage District No. 4.

One of the biggest challenges to drainage infrastructure is acquiring right of way.

“Currently we’re able to capture those right of ways from new development,” Genaro said. “We get a little piece over here. We get a little piece over there. Eventually, the pieces will fit together. But when you get into the rural areas, where there’s not any drainage. You’ve got a single family residence. I don’t want to give up a portion of my land, but it takes land to increase the size of a ditch.”

Discussion at the forum ranged from current drainage projects under way to confusion over how the area of Manvel known as “No Man’s Land” wound up not covered by any drainage district.

“It’s a pretty important area because about 55 percent of it is in the flood plain,” City engineer Dan Johnson said.

Highway 6 is another challenge, he said, and a prime candidate for a detention project.

Parts of Manvel fall under Brazoria County Drainage and Reclamation District No. 3,

Drainage Districts No. 4 and 5.

“As one of the furthermost cities to the north and west  in Brazoria County, we are facing enormous challenges controlling the drainage that occurs our city,” Mayor Davison said.

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