Hughes Ranch Road project delayed by buried utility lines

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By Karolyn Gephart

Utility interference is causing a construction delay in the Hughes Ranch Road improvement project.

The project involves the area of Cullen Parkway to Smith Ranch Road. The delay will be temporary and could be only 8-12 weeks, weather permitting.

The project involves road widening and safety improvement.

According to City officials, the construction contractor, Triple B Services, LLP sent a request to the City of Pearland to suspend the project after they found communication utility lines interfering with drainage pipe installation.

It was determined that several utility conflicts would not allow complete installation of the drainage pipes. Drainage provides a way to get water runoff away from construction areas.

Prior to construction beginning, private utility companies were contacted by City officials to inform them about what was coming and to require the companies to remove or relocate any affected utilities in the area. When the City receives an all-clear report, it then can allow construction to begin.

Even though an all-clear was indicated and the project work was allowed to begin on the Hughes Ranch Road  project, it has now been determined that only some of the utility conflicts were resolved.

The City reports that after staff met with the utility companies recently, the companies are removing and relocating the current conflicting lines.

City officials report the construction work will resume once the utility conflicts have been addressed, weather permitting. 

For more information on Hughes Road projects, go to

The Hughes Ranch Road project has been designed and awarded construction over the last several years and is funded to the City primarily from State and Federal funds.

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