Council approves new Trail Task Force

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By Karolyn Gephart

Appointments to the Trails Task Force Advisory Committee was approved at the Manvel City Council meeting Monday, September 16 at City Hall.

Appointed members include Brian Wilmer, Dan Davis, Angela Vickerman, and Dorothy Wynne.

The new Committee was just formed but members hope to do four things: ensure that new subdivisions continue connectivity as they are built; identify places in Manvel that a trail system must connect to; be a conduit for new ideas and uses for trails and ensure that trails are both safe and landscaped.

 “As our city develops, we have an opportunity to build a truly city-wide trail system because so much of our city either is or probably will be developed. Many older communities in the region are struggling to find ways to retroactively build a trail network through their communities,” Wilmer said. “This often involves either purchasing land or using abandoned rail lines or utility corridors. We have an opportunity to avoid this struggle – at no cost to the taxpayer – by requiring a developer to install trails when they build a subdivision.”  

  Trails are used for multiple purposes.

“They encourage exercise and being outdoors, can be used for short commutes thereby reducing traffic on roadways, can bring people together for city events like a yoga class, or can just be a nice place to walk the dog at the end of the day,” Wilmer said.

The Trails Committee will be responsible for recommending maintenance and improvements as well as identifying places trails can be used and new concepts for trails and their use in the trail system.

The Committee will make regular reports to the City Council and will work closely with the city staff.

Once the new committee gets established and meets, public input will be encouraged.

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