Council discusses land for City Center Complex

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Manvel City Council met Oct. 21 at City Hall for their regularly scheduled meeting.

Council considered and discussed Resolution 2019-R-21: a resolution of the Council determining that land is needed to complete construction of the Manvel City Center Complex specifically a tract of land containing 10 acres owned by ID Investments Inc; and authorizing the institution of eminent domain proceedings.

Council considered and discussed Ordinance 2019-O-30 regarding vacating, abandoning, and closing public right of way of an unimproved portion of the remainder of Masters Road; ordinance 2019-O-31 on vacating, abandoning, and closing public right of way of an unimproved portion of the remainder of an unimproved portion of Canaan.

Council also considered and discussed Resolution 2019-R-20 approving the partial release of a 10-foot waterline easement and the release of a sanitary control easement at 7340 School Road.

Council considered and discussed granting a franchise to M2E3 LLC to construct certain pipeline facilities in property or rights of way of the city.

Council discussed Carpenter Road, shipping container re-quirements, and smoking in restaurants. The container discussion was tabled from the previous meeting to allow research time for pros and cons. Council addressed a property owner being able to have a cargo storage container on their property. The requirements for this can be found in city ordinances under CH 77 and Section 52.  

The discussion for this item revolved around the possibility of amending ordinances to allow these types of containers on the owner’s property with a lenient time frame and burden. Current-ly, a permit is required which sets in motion a time frame to have the container utilized and then removed from the property.

At the end of the discussion the majority of council members made the decision to not reopen the ordinance to allow for any changes at this time. 

The smoking ordinance is being looked at in regards to adding vaping as well as regarding the smoking ordinance as a whole. 

“I asked that an agenda item be placed for us to discuss amending the definition of smoking to include vaping and vape pens. According to recent reports over 1000 people have been diagnosed with vaping related illnesses and over 15 people have died with potentially vaping related causes,” Council member Dan Davis said. “Our current smoking definition says or any other lighted smoking equipment. I would like that be amended to say or any other lighted, ignited, or battery-operated smoking equipment.”

Councilmember Jason Albert also brought up the location of allowed smoking and certain restrictions which should be in place. Currently, Manvel’s ordinance is minimal in restrictions, he reported and the City of Alvin’s more restrictive smoking ordinance was mentioned.

Councilmember Brian Wilmer mentioned changing the title of the ordinance to say Smoking and Vaping.

At the end of the discussion, the direction was then given to staff to work on drafting an ordinance regarding the inclusion of vaping and best practices regarding allowable locations. Once staff has created this amendment it will be presented to the council to review and either pass, amend, or reject. 

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