FFA fundraiser with Duke’s Premium Meats a success

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By Karolyn Gephart

It is not surprising for FFA students to host a fundraiser selling meat packages and the recent one promoted by the Friendswood High School Ag Department was a successful venture and a great partnership.

Sponsors Trevor Reifel and Rachel Hults chose Duke’s Premium Meats and worked closely with owner Duke Dirksmeyer of Friendswood. Dirksmeyer has an online order service that works with upscale restaurants in the Houston area as well as in the United States.  He recently sent out  orders to Seattle and New York. He also sells to individuals.

Dirksmeyer worked with the FFA sponsors to create packages that included ribeye steaks, brisket burgers, pre-seasoned  fajitas, a grilling package of pork chops, chicken breast and sausage and smoked turkeys. The students took orders. The packages will be delivered before Thanksgiving.

“It was a successful venture and I am proud of the kids. They did really well and I can see this type of fundraiser will keep getting better and better in success for them,” Dirksmeyer said.

This wasn’t his first fundraiser with schools. He has previously worked with athletic teams, clubs, Scout groups and organizations who profited greatly from selling the meat.

At FHS  to help the students become familiar with the product they were promoting, Dirksmeyer provided fajitas and brisket burgers for the students to try. Reifel grilled the products and all selling the packages got a taste of the product.

“The kids enjoyed the food very much,” Reifel said. “They could speak from experience when showing people what was for sale.”

Dirksmeyer provided awards for the top three students in sales.

“I enjoy giving back and like to help students. My daughters as well as my wife went to school in Friendswood ISD and one of my daughters was in FFA with Reifel as her teacher,” Dirksmeyer said. “The program is a great one and since I know meat from gate to plate, I thought it would make a good fundraiser for the FFA students.”

In celebration of the FFA success and having Friendswood as his home, Dirksmeyer is offering everyone a 15 percent discount of all his products. All a buyer has to do is go to his website at www.dukespremiummeats.com and use the code DPM4U. The discount will run until the end of March 2020. 

A percent of the profits from FFA and Dirksmeyer will be given to the scholarship fund in memory of FFA member Cole Gordon.

The team at Duke’s Premium Meats Home Delivery brings over 70 years of experience in the foodservice industry with over 55 years of Corporate and Operating Company leadership roles at the world’s largest Foodservice distributor. They have worked side by side with some of the most talented Chefs in America. 

“With our knowledge and expertise, we provide the same restaurant quality Premium Proteins from the nation’s top suppliers to everyday consumers, delivered right to their doorstep specializing in Aged Choice or Better, USDA Inspected Angus Premium Beef, Texas local Beef and Wagyu,” Dirksmeyer said.  “We utilize our farm fresh Sustainable resources for beef, pork, lamb and veal products.”

For more information or to contact Dirksmeyer about the products or the fundraisers, go to www.dukespremiummeats.com. Contact Dirksmeyer at 713-385-2369.

FFA sponsor Trevor Reifel, student Caden Walsh and Duke Dirksmeyer of Friendswood stand by an angus steer at the FISD Ag Science Facilty. Walsh won third place in the sales of a meat fundraiser by FFA through supplier Dirksmeyer of Dukes Premium Meats. The profits help fund the club’s entry fees and supplies for contests during the year.

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