Other options for failed bond projects

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By Nicole Jones

The voters have spoken.

Friendswood Mayor Mike Foreman described the approval of three of the city’s six bond proposals as “democracy in action.”

“I’m very happy with the turnout,” he said.

Still, city leaders are left to figure out how to meet needs that would have been addressed in three propositions rejected by voters. The failed proposals were:  $9 million community center and emergency shelter, $7.6 million mobility and transportation package and $8 million in parks improvements that included a new $2.5 million city swimming pool.

There are, Foreman says, other means of meeting those needs, including pursuing available grants and building a section at a time using available funding.

“We can piecemeal sidewalks where needed out of our general fund,” he said.

The failed mobility package — Proposition D — included an extension of Friendswood Lakes Blvd. or Friendswood Parkway.

As far as the road extension, Foreman says, the city can pursue state funding.

“That’s probably the right way to do that, because as an evacuation route, that should be a state or a county road — it shouldn’t be on the backs of our voters to fund essentially a third of it,” he said.

Voters did pass three of the six proposals: $41 million in drainage and flood control projects, $2 million for a public works building renovation and $9.1 million for public safety including a municipal public safety building and a new fire station and training field to replace Fire Station No. 2.

The $41 million for Proposition F is the city’s portion of a package of drainage projects that are expected to unfold over the next decade through partnerships with Harris County Flood Control District, Galveston County Consolidated Drainage District and other entities.

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