City looks at comprehensive plan in 2020

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By Nicole Jones

Planning for the future, probably with outside help, is on the city’s to-do list for 2020.

All cities with zoning have to have some level of comprehensive plan, according to state law.  

“If you have zoning, you have to have a plan to base your zoning decisions on that,” says Community Development Director Aubrey Harbin.

In addition to having a plan, it’s also necessary to update it, staff said.

Described as a blueprint for future land use, a comprehensive plan covers goals and objectives and is required for cities by the state. Developing and updating the various components of the plan often involves a diverse group of stakeholders within a community.

Friendswood’s original plan was adopted in 1998, with portions updated since. The last update to the city’s land use plan was done in 2008, and the plan for public facilities was last updated in 2010.

City Council discussed updating the plan Dec. 3, but has not taken any official action. The next step in the updates is a joint meeting between the council and Planning and Zoning after the first of the year.

“I think it’s very important that we hear not just from the usual folks, but anyone and everyone who is interested in this,” Councilwoman Sally Branson said.

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