Manvel fourth grader presents check to MD Anderson

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Alexandra Roach, age 9 of Manvel, donated $1500 to MD Anderson after telling her parents this was the only thing she wanted for Christmas. She also created pillows and a scarf for children there. MD Anderson held a giving ceremony for her and her family January 3. Those attending included Derrick Wilturner (MD Anderson), Darlene Roach (Alexandra’s Grandmother from Conroe), Susan French (MD Anderson), Hanna Roach (Mom from Manvel), Jennifer Meyer (MD Anderson), Alexandra Roach,, Jonathan Roach (Dad from The Woodlands), and Theda Williams (MD Anderson).

By Karolyn Gephart

A nine year old student at Red Duke Elementary in Manvel requested no Christmas gifts last year and instead asked that everyone donate money for her to give to the MD Anderson Children’s Art Project.

She accomplished her goal this month at a special ceremony of giving in her honor at MD Anderson in Houston.

Alexandra Roach received money for gifts as well as saving money in her daily life and accumulated $1,500 that she chose to donate. The money included donations from approximately a dozen friends and family for Christmas. The law firm where her father practices matched her original total for the donation.

Alexandra also handmade eight stuffed/sewn fuzzy personal sized pillows and one fuzzy scarf she describes as “a comfy wrap.”

She feels this donation was her first big decision to make at her age. She told her parents her goal approximately three months before Christmas.

“I love art and I like helping people a lot,” she said.  ‘Mostly I love putting a smile on people’s faces no matter what or who.”

The reception at the hospital was held January 3, 2020.

“The staff was really nice, but I wish I could have met some of the kids to see the joy on their faces because I also hand made pillows and scarves for them stitched with love,” she said.

Her dad, Jonathan Roach, was surprised with the turnout for the event.

“The MD Anderson reception was great. We didn’t expect as many people from the hospital to take 30 minutes out of the middle of their day to welcome us and offer so much warmth and appreciation,” Roach said.

Prior to the donation, there was never a push in the family for donating at such a young age.

“My company is big about giving back and we’ve talked about that with our kids but never dictated that they do the same.  We were quite surprised with her gift request last year and are thrilled to help recognize, and encourage more of, her thoughtfulness,” Roach said.

Alexandra is in the fourth grade at Red Duke Elementary in Alvin ISD. Her favorite subjects are math and art. She takes dancing classes and loves being in the choir under the direction of choir/music teacher Mrs. Mooney.

Her future career plans are undecided but she believes it will be one of three jobs: a teacher, an engineer or an architect.

Alexandra is the daughter of Hanna Roach of Manvel and Jonathan Roach of The Woodlands.

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