Birthday wishes to feed homeless

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By Karolyn Gephart

When Jordan Kulhanek turned 13 on her birthday this month, she didn’t want a party nor gifts. Instead, she wanted to feed the homeless. Kulhanek, a student at Brookside Intermediate in Friendswood, told her mother she wanted to prepare lunch bags and pass them out for people who were hungry and not able to buy food.

“I had asked multiple times. I reminded her that this year is one of the “big” ones. She will become a teenager, and I don’t want her to regret it by doing nothing. So she asked if she could feed the homeless for her birthday,” her mom Heather Kulhanek said.

Her mother agreed to her wish and urged her to get to her goal with a fundraiser.

“At first she said no. This wasn’t about anyone knowing. But when she realized that we could feed even more people she was onboard,” her mom said. 

The birthday wish was placed on GoFundMe and Jordan collected $285 in donations along with many sweet wishes for her birthday and compliments on her choice of how to celebrate it. Due to the funds not getting into the account in time, the date for the lunch bags being passed out had to be moved and will be in the near future.

Kulhanek and her parents live in Friendswood. They recently moved here from Nebraska.

“Jordan is an amazing girl. Strong in almost every way,” her mom said. “Since moving here, it’s been a big adjustment She has made friends quickly though. I have no idea what made her think about feeding the homeless but it definitely makes me proud.”

Kulhanek is the daughter of Heather Kulhanek and Anthony and Jessica Kulhanek, all of Friendswood.

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