Local teen helps children in need with her art

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Brook Selsky, 13, paints pots and donates the money to help kids at Brazoria County Alliance for Children.

By Karolyn Gephart

A fun activity for a local teen turned into a way to help children.

Brook Selsky started painting rocks on her family’s vacation and then began painting flower pots. When people offered to buy them in mid-July, she decided to give the money to a good cause. She chose Brazoria County Alliance for Children.

Selsky, 13, is in the eighth grade this fall at Ronald McNair Junior High.

“Helping people is very important to me, especially people that can’t help themselves. BCAC has children who need our help,” she said.

The pots started selling right away and still seem to be selling well, according to Selsky.

She has raised $400 so far and currently has more orders to fill. Feedback has been positive.

“The people who have bought them like them a lot. Some people are now requesting customized art,” Selsky said. “I started off creating designs that were interesting to me and people would choose from the batch that I had created. But now some people are asking for certain themes that I will research such as sharks, Alice in Wonderland, Pixar, and music.”

She has a It’s a Small World pot that she has made several times for people who like her version. Her favorite has been a Lucy from Peanuts pot followed by Harry Potter. The craziest pots she has painted were Pixar and Frankenstein.

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing from an early age. My parents even let me draw on the walls of my bedroom. I like to find ways to express myself that are different from things other people may be doing,” Selsky said. “I had no idea anyone would be interested in paying for my painted pots. But after a neighbor or two bought one, my parents started getting emails. I think people like the artwork but also want to give money to an important cause.”

While she still plans to continue to paint the creative pots, she realizes that she will have to slow down due to school starting.

“My school work has to come first,” Selsky said.

She credits her parents for taking her with them to volunteer and it gave her ideas.

“I suggest other kids ask their parents to help them think of how they can get involved,” Selsky said.

Her father, David, remembers Brook showing a desire to help others as a young child.

“Brook has always been a very caring girl even when she was very small. We’re so glad she found a way to satisfy her need to help others through her love of art,” he said.

She enjoys school and loves any subject taught by a teacher who makes it interesting.

Lately, she has been thinking about becoming a reporter for a career because she likes investigative stories.

“I’ve also thought about a career in the military because I like to push myself. I can also see doing something that combines my love of art and animals,” she said.

The painted pots are $25 each supporting BCAC.  Sales have been largely through word of mouth and Facebook. If someone has clay pots they would like to donate, or wish to buy some, they should PM David Selsky on Facebook.

“If Brook decides to ramp up production, she will have to develop a more thoughtful distribution system,” he said. “Even if she decides to take a break from making these when school starts next week, I’m just so proud of her for finding a way to use her talents to support a program that helps kids that are in desperate need.”

Brook is the daughter of David and Rachel Selsky of Pearland.

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