KFB announces winners for 2 photo contests

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(Top photo) Chris Bick won first place with his photo of the Nashville Warbler in the KFB Beautiful Bird Photo Contest. (Bottom photo) The Cline student photo of the first day back to school this year is one of the Top 4 winning the Keep Friendswood Beautiful Back to School Photo Contest.

By Karolyn Gephart

Winners have been announced for the Keep Friendswood Beautiful Bird photo contest as well as the Keep Friendswood Beautiful Back to School Photo Contest. KFB received many entries of birds and back to school photos.

The bird contest asked area photographers to share their best photos of birds seen in the city.
Chris Bick won first place with his photo of the Nashville Warbler. He won a seed tube bird feeder.
Second Place was awarded to Denise Meservey for her photo of the Red Bellied Woodpecker. She won a 20 lb. bag of bird seed.
David Coleman won third place with his photo of the American Robin. He won a hummingbird bird feeder.

“What makes this contest unique is it is highlighting birds that have habitats in Friendswood. We are currently producing a video and interactive materials for the community highlighting local birding. When the community spends time observing wildlife it provides a stake in ensuring its preservation,” KFB Chair Natasha McAdoo said.
Prize sponsor was Wild Birds Unlimited of Pearland.

KFB is including all the winner’s photos in their educational bird video that will be published in October. Since KFB is not able to hold educational sessions for the community at this time, members are bringing the education to the community at home.

KFB is starting with two videos including Why do birds matter? and How to Plant a Pollinator Garden. Not only are the winning photos in the video, but also placed on  the KFB Facebook page and the City website.

The winners of the Keep Friendswood Beautiful Back to School Photo Contest were announced with McAdoo reporting that it was difficult to select only four.
The top 4 student photos are from: Marcelina Baczek, Michelle Contreras, Meghan Broussard Simecek, and Brianna McAllister.

Teachers participated as well. Winners in this category were Stefanie Payton Rosten and
Melissa Baker Stephenson.

Prize sponsor was Chick-fil-A.
“The beginning of a new school year is always filled with change. The beginning of the 2020 school year has induced a change like no other. It is important to KFB to highlight the exciting part of this year’s first days! These pictures are so much more valuable than the prize, they represent how our community was faced with an obstacle and adapted in untraditional ways,” McAdoo said. “KFB is cheering on all the students, teachers, administrators, and parents whether sending or teaching from home. Your smiles and perseverance Keep Friendswood Beautiful.”

McAdoo reported that KFB will continue with more contests and prizes planned for the remainder of the year.

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