Council members present ideas to group

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By Karolyn Gephart
The Manvel Chamber of Commerce met through teleconference for their regularly scheduled meeting October 19, 2020.
           The Council discussed and considered items brought before them by other Council members.
            Lorraine Hehn requested Council discuss dissemination of information to the City Council, decorum and ethics and the social media budget.
            Council member Jason Albert requested the following three topics be discussed: the engagement of a medical director to provide assistance in developing a COVID and/or other medical policy, emergency COOP for stores and mitigation resources and handicap accessibility of City facilities.
            Council member Dan Davis requested Council consider a Police Engagement Group and the establishment of a Grant Writing Program.
            City Manager Kyle Jung gave the Council an update on Emergency Declaration/COVID 19.  The second and final reading was given for Ordinance 2020-O-15. The ordinance amends zoning of the code of ordinances by amending Article I, “In General” pertaining to definitions; by amending Article II “District Regulations” pertaining to specific use permits and permitted uses (adult entertainment businesses, game rooms, convenience stores, gasoline stations, tobacco stores, non-depository credit intermediation, funeral homes and funeral services and cemeteries and crematories) and by amending Article III “Administration” pertaining to the review of site plans by the planning, zoning, and development commission.
The ordinance also has making other changes to provide consistent terminology and text throughout the ordinance. It also provides for a penalty in an amount not to  exceed $2,000 per day for each day of violations on any provision. The ordinance was not approved.

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