Del Bello Lakes Park breaks ground

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By Karolyn Gephart

The Recreation Center in the Del Bello Lakes community is finally in stages of construction. The City of Manvel’s first Inclusive Playground Project is underway.

Del Bello Lakes, Shea Homes, and Mayor Debra Davison have all been supportive of the project.

It was the Yellow Out Campaign in the city that had a vision for a specific piece of the Manvel community. Not only did they want a park, they wanted an inclusive park where all children could play and enjoy themselves.

By working with Del Bello Lakes, they accomplished that vision. Manvel’s first inclusive playground is under construction.

Yellow Out Campaign’s original mission was to raise awareness for Spina Bifida, encourage inclusion and be a platform in initiating the conversations regarding the differently abled.

When the Del Bello Lakes playground opens later this year, it will include inclusive adaptations for handicapped accessibility.

Mayor Davison knew the Yellow Out founder Reaghan Velasquez from Manvel High School and contacted her to assist with design input for the playground.

“I was so excited to be able to voice my opinion and help others facing the same challenges I’ve faced throughout my life. This playground will be a wonderful addition to the community and can’t wait until it’s opening,” Reaghan said on the Manvel ISD website.

The pandemic has delayed a previous plan for an August 2020 completion but Del Bello Lakes community reports the development of the playground has now begun.

To find out more about The Yellow Out Campaign, visit their website at

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