Benson honored by Library

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By Karolyn Gephart

Friendswood City Manager Morad Kabiri addressed Council at their meeting December 7, 2020 with library news.

According to his report, Harold Benson was the recipient of this year’s Friendswood Library Outstanding Programming Award.

Benson was recognized for his leadership in the planning and execution of a month-long series of panel discussions celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

Events were held at the Friendswood Library and other locations throughout the City. Benson was instrumental in bringing together astronauts, flight directors, engineers, NASA employees and family members to discuss Apollo 11 and Friendswood’s role in getting the first men to the moon.

 Benson is a long-time Friendswood resident and former NASA employee. He was in charge of the Landing and Docking Systems at the time of the Apollo Mission among many other prominent roles with NASA.

In other reports, Kabiri reported a few months ago, city staff was made aware of a flooding concern at Lake Friendswood in the southeastern quadrant of the park.

Development in League City immediately adjacent to the Park has blocked natural drainage pathways, thus flooding the walking trail in some parts after heavy rains. Staff is working with staff in  League City to correct the issue. In the meantime, Public Works staff is pumping out the water to ensure accessibility.

Kabiri also presented a Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Update.

In the update, he cited that as a result of the Coronavirus, staff has implemented and continues to follow the Continuity of Operations and Pandemic Plans which includes to continue to monitor the pandemic.

City facilities reopened to the public in October. A number of annual events have been altogether cancelled or modified.

No businesses have been closed by the City of Friendswood due to COVID. No citations have been issued by the City of Friendswood relative to compliance with Governor Abbott’s Executive Orders.

Disinfecting workspaces and vehicles continue. The City has extended screening protocols for public meetings, previously applicable only to staff, to all participants.

The City partnered with FISD on the use of some Coronavirus Relief Funding and submitted for the reimbursement of eligible expenditures under the CARES Act.

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