Elves test negative for COVID, fun begins in Pearland home

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By Karolyn Gephart

People are not the only ones that have been impacted by COVID 19. The Christmas elves on the shelf must also take care to not get exposed.

Izzy and Skipper returned this year to the Grant home in Pearland. When they arrived, Callie Grant, 11, noticed a big difference. They were in sealed Mason jars, in quarantine.

Elves can’t get into too much trouble inside jars but where is the fun in that? Christmas elves are mischievous and that is what they get their reputations for festive fun.

What could the Grants do to help? They took both elves to a Pearland CVS where a kind nurse practitioner “tested” both and declared them negative. Both Izzy and Skipper were advised to wear masks.

Elf masks can be purchased online, Megan Grant discovered. So now the Grant household with their two elves can enjoy Christmas.

Elves have always been a part of the Grant family and when Callie was 3, Izzy joined Skipper. 

“So that is why she has two elves because her sisters had one and then hers of course,” Megan Grant said.  “In the past they have wrapped the tree in toilet paper, gone zip lining in our living room, taken Barbie and Ken hostage, taken the American Girl and Barbie car for a spin. They seem to get into a lot around the house.”

The Grants are waiting to see how the elves behave this year while visiting during the holidays. Wearing masks shouldn’t deter them from fun but the Mason jars are still in the house if the need arises.

Callie is the daughter of Megan and AJ Grant of Pearland.

CVS Nurse Practiioner and Callie Grant hold elves with their negative report.
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