Manvel High School students and staff are pictured with Deer Park HS South Campus students and staff. The students are showcasing the special sign that was made for Manvel High School, in addition to photos taken at DPHS South Campus showing the students dressed in red, white and blue.

Deer Park HS makes donation to Manvel HS in memory of students

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Today, students from Deer Park High School (DPHS) South Campus stopped by Manvel High School to present a check in the amount of $2,000 to the student body. The check was presented by members of the Deer Park senior class, on behalf of their entire 2,800 student campus, in honor of Zori Petrova, Josh Rodriguez and Sara Silvas. Zori, Josh and Sara recently lost their lives in a tragic car accident.

When asked how and why the idea came about to support Manvel High School, Deer Park Principal Ronda Kouba, simply stated “We were all hurting for them. Knowing that this could have been any one of us, compelled us to help.”

“Schools have reached out to us in such an amazing way, and we have realized that our community is not just Manvel High School, but the entire Houston area,” said Charlotte Liptack, Manvel High School principal.

The DPHS South Campus senior class not only raised funds for the campus, but also wrote condolence letters, created an oversized sign with encouraging words for Manvel High School to hang in the campus, and came together to wear red, white and blue to show support for their Manvel peers.

“It’s been an interesting experience seeing all of the students from other schools come out to show support,” Hunter Teague, Manvel High School senior class vice president.

During the check presentation, Manvel High School and Deer Park students had the opportunity to interact and share inspiring stories. The students spoke of the direct impact that losing a classmate can have on an entire campus and community. Manvel High School students also shared details in regards to the character and personalities of their fallen friends. During the time of sharing, the students shed tears, as they remembered their classmates, who all agreed “were just full of life.”

“They [Zori, Josh and Sara] were an example of how we should live each day,” mentioned Jennifer Smith, Manvel High School student council advisor and teacher.

All of the Manvel High School and Deer Park students in attendance plan to stay in touch, and together decide how the donation will be best used. One concept was to consider using the funds to purchase and plant trees in honor of Zori, Josh and Sara.

Prior to the conclusion of the meeting, Luis Guajardo, Deer Park senior student body president, shared, “Our school is thinking about you all, and will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.”

Liptack closed out the meeting by mentioning, “The sense of community has been an overwhelming blessing to us. We are sincerely appreciative for the thoughts and prayers.”

Manvel High School students and staff have expressed their continued appreciation for all of the support provided by the local communities and schools. Many districts have reached out to the campus to express condolences throughout this difficult time. In addition to the support received from schools outside of the District, all Alvin ISD campuses have reached out to the Manvel High School and vowed to support in any way possible.

Alvin High School senior Katie Nelson shared, “We just want Manvel High School to know that they’re not alone. We’ve experienced the pain and emotion that they’re feeling right now, and know that it’s not an easy thing to deal with. At the end of the day, we’ll always be there to support our Alvin ISD family.”

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